Vitamin-Rich Sweet Glow Face Scrub FAQ

How often should I use this face scrub?

We recommend using the scrub 1-3 times per week


If I have oily skin, can I use it?

Face scrubs do help oily skin and we’d recommend using twice a week for best results.

Should I use this on wet or dry skin?

We recommend using our scrub on damp skin.


Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Our Vitamin-Rich Sweet Glow Scrub contains natural ingredients – sugars and oils to create the physical scrub. We recommend gently massaging onto damp skin. Do not over scrub, a gentle once over will be enough to get the benefits of this product. When introducing a new product and if in doubt, we recommend doing a patch test first.


Where should I use it in my skincare routine?

The best time to use a face scrub is after cleansing, once you have removed all makeup, dirt and grime and you have clean skin. This will give you the best results as the product can get into the skin and remove dead skin cells and the build-up of dirt, grime and blocked pores.

A scrub is an amazing addition to your routine and should leave your skin feeling softer, brighter, invigorated and leave you with glowing skin. Be light with your fingertips, avoid over scrubbing and dragging the skin. You will know if you have overused or scrubbed too hard with a physical exfoliant as your skin will be red.

Can I use Lucy Bee Dazzling Tonic the same day as the Vitamin-Rich Sweet Glow Face Scrub?

We wouldn’t suggest using both on the same day. Ultimately, they are both exfoliators so for most people it’s not necessary to use both on the same day. If you have problematic skin or oily combination with no sensitivity you could use both, it really depends on your skin type.


What do you mean when you say a physical scrub and a liquid exfoliant?

A chemical exfoliant uses acids or enzymes to dissolve and loosen the dead skin cells, while physical exfoliants (products containing small particles, or any sort of textured surface) work by scrubbing away the dead skin.


Can the scrub remove unwanted fake tan?

Yes, it’s brilliant at removing any unwanted fake tan before your next application. The rule is the same, be gentle with the pressure on your skin. The scrub and oil will do all the hard work


Is there any aftercare after using the scrub?

You should wear SPF daily, but it is even more important when using any sort of exfoliant. This will protect the new skin against UV rays. See here for details on the importance of spf.


Can teenagers use this Face Scrub?

Although it’s not been tested on teenagers, the ingredients used are completely natural. As with introducing any new product, we would recommend doing a patch test first.


Does this product contain alcohol?

In the cosmetic world, when a product states that it is “alcohol free” it is referring to the formulation being free from Alcohol Denat / Ethanol (ethyl alcohol), which our Radiance-Boosting Face Cream, Reviving Cleansing Cream, Dazzling Tonic and Vitamin-Rich Sweet Glow Face Scrub are free from.

All other types of alcohol such as fatty alcohols (cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, etc.), preservatives such as Benzyl Alcohol should not be taken into consideration in this respect. Lucy Bee uses benzyl alcohol in some products. This is a broad-spectrum preservative system (it means it protects against bacteria, yeast and fungi) for personal care (combined to dehydroacetic acid). It meets COSMOS Organic standard and is effective in a wide pH range.


How should I store this?

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat.


Does this product contain nuts?

Yes, this contains almond oil and is not suitable for those with nut allergies


When should I do a patch test?

When using any new product we recommend doing a patch test first. See here for how to patch test.


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