I just wanted to say how great your skincare products are and they have changed the look of my skin completely. I have always suffered with spots and combination skin and never felt confident with my face. Not liking the feeling of foundation, I always covered my face with a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream. But since using all of your skincare products I now feel confident to go out without any make up on my face.
Some of my acne scars are still visible but my face looks so much more brighter and the spots have gone. I have enclosed a before and after photo for you, taken 2 months apart.
I love the ethics of your company too, which is so important to me when choosing skincare and look forward to seeing your new products later this year.
I’ve just ordered my third lot of the skincare and can I also say how amazed I am at how quickly you get the products out as they were delivered the next day! That is really great service, thanks."
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