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Coconut Oil Nature's Perfect Ingredient

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Lucy Bee’s first cookbook showing the versatility of coconut oil for all cooking needs, from healthy meals to indulgent cakes and desserts. Click here for Lucy's second book, for further inspiration using our store cupboard staples. 

  • Over 100 gluten free recipes
  • Tips for cooking with coconut oil
  • Why Fair Trade matters
  • Lucy’s kitchen basics 
  • Lunch Bites, Quick Suppers, Slow Cook Weekends and more
  • Makes a great gift
About Coconut Oil: Nature's Perfect Ingredient

Just what makes raw coconut oil nature's perfect ingredient? It is a natural fat that works in harmony with the body. It is gluten-free and lactose-free. It contains no cholesterol and is free from additives. The current interest in healthy eating has woken up a growing number of people to the benefits of pure coconut oil. More and more of us are picking up a jar from our local supermarket, but once we have that jar in our kitchens, are we really making the most of coconut oil for baking and cooking?

Coconut Oil: Nature's Perfect Ingredient is packed with an amazing range of recipes, from family-favourites to brand new recipes that include smoothies, snacks, brunches, light suppers, hearty dinners and baked treats. This is the first illustrated cookbook published in the UK to celebrate the health and taste sensation that is organic coconut oil.

Customer Reviews

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Clare J.

Love this book and have bought it for gifts too.
Great for low carb recipes. It's worth buying for he sun dried tomato pesto recipe alone!


I really loved this book, it gets you used to using Lucy bee


I regularly make the granola, miss it when it runs out. Energy balls are delicious.



Leonora R.

What a fabulous book. Love it.

Joseph C.