Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Drops 30ml
Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Drops 30ml
Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Drops 30ml
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Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Drops 30ml
Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Drops 30ml

Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Drops 30ml

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We’re putting the care back into skincare 

Our colourless tanning drops deliver a lasting, natural glow to give you a sun-kissed complexion all year round, without exposing your skin to the sun. 

  • Develops in 2 hours 
  • Fast drying, no streaking, no staining  
  • No horrible fake tan smell 
  • Be in control of your tan, the more drops, the deeper the tan 
  • Natural DHA that works with your skin tone 
  • Coconut water to nourish and hydrate skin 
  • Orange and rose flower water to soothe and calm
  • Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • No palm oil 

For more product details and ingredients, see here 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 219 reviews
    Karen H.
    Really wanted it to work

    My skin is in really good health/conditioners but face tanners always bring me out in a red blotches. I tanned on the rest of my face but sadly I got blotches around my mouth. Is there anything you could recommend trying as really do want them to work as the smell is fine. Thank you.

    Hi Karen, thank you for your feedback. We are really sorry to hear this, it sounds like there’s a common ingredient which isn’t suiting your skin. I would please recommend checking the ingredients in the tanners you have used previously to see if there’s one the same in all of them, as you may have an allergy to it. I hope you’re able to identify this from the ingredients for future reference. Our self-tan contains natural Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is a self-tanning agent for sunless tanning. Thank you, Rian

    Natalie P.
    Best beauty product I own!

    I absolutely love these drops! I put them direct into my face after moisturising and I glow! I am slightly worried that people at work think I spend all day sunbathing rather than working!!

    Thank you Natalie, we are so happy that you enjoy using the Lucy Bee self-tan drops! These drops give such a natural glow, and I love that the colour can be built up. Thank you for sharing your 5* review, Rian

    Samantha K.

    I bought these drops because I work abroad and I want to protect my face from the sun. The last thing I wanted was a brown body and white face!!! Also, I generally just wanted to look more healthy and have a bit more of a glow!
    I was fairly warey of paying £18 for face drops but OMG just do it. You will not regret it!
    I usually apply face moisturiser and then apply the drops just so the drops glide on a lot easier. Be sure just to rub around your hair line 😊 I can hands down say these drops are one of the best beauty products I've EVER bought!!!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful feedback with us, Samantha. We are so happy to hear how much you enjoy using the Lucy Bee tanning drops! As you say, these are easy to apply and give a natural, hydrating glow. Thank you so much for your 5* review, Rian

    Angela P.
    Amazing Product!!

    I absolutely LOVE these tan drops and am on my second bottle. I use them on my face every 3 or 4 days and they give me a healthy looking tan and make me feel much better about my skin. I even used them on holiday as they are a much safer alternative then exposing my skin to the sun.

    Thank you Angela, we are so pleased that you enjoy using the Lucy Bee self-tan drops and their natural glow! Thank you for taking the time to share your 5* review, Rian

    Tori T.
    Tanning drops

    Stocked up while there was a sale because this is my favourite of the Lucy Bee skincare range!
    While I love the entire collection and use most of the products everyday, these tanning drops give me a natural glow like never before!
    I have never been as comfortable in my own skin as I am now, and I have the Lucy Bee products to thank for that!
    These tanning drops are a game changer in the winter or during these wet summer days!

    Hi Tori, we are so happy to hear how much you enjoy using our self-tan drops and that you are feeling confident with your skin. This is so wonderful to hear, thank you for sharing your feedback with us all! Thank you for your support, Rian

    Holly E.

    Best fake tan I’ve ever used. I love that you can just add a drop to your moisturiser and build as and when. It’s perfect for my paler skin. Gives me a seriously natural glow , quite often leave the house without foundation now , which I would never do before.
    Mainly use for my face neck and chest, mixing with LB moisturiser, but have mixed with body moisturiser to use on body too, but prefer the LB tan foam for body generally.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful feedback, Holly. We are so happy that you enjoy using Lucy Bee self-tan, and that you are loving the natural glow! I agree, I love being able to build up the drops - they are so easy to add into your skincare routine! It is wonderful to hear you are feeling more confident without makeup, this means so much to us. Thank you for your review, and for your support. Rian

    So Disappointing

    Seen these on Lucy Bee insta and really fancied them, as a regular tan user I thought they looked great.
    However, after trying them 4 times now, even with 5 drops mixed into moisturiser they barely have any colour. I tried using a more lightweight moisturiser as the other reviews were so good, I thought I must be doing something wrong, but they just don't work for me.
    I am no more tanned than I was before (which wasn't very much).
    Strange that my experience is so different to others.

    Hi Ashley, we are very sorry to hear that our self-tan drops are not for you. I would like to make a few suggestions to try please - I know you have said you are a regular self-tanner, but if helpful I have attached Lucy's tan prep tutorial below. Also, you may like to try building up the drops, or applying the tan drops directly to the skin, rather than mixed with moisturiser - I have put Lucy's tutorial for this below too. I hope you try the tan again, or if it is not for you I hope you enjoy other Lucy Bee products in the future. Thank you for your feedback, Rian

    Laura W.
    Self Tan Drops

    I love the Self Tan drops , I was a bit apprehensive at first as I was not sure if I would end up looking orange and streaky ! In fact the opposite, my complexion was sun-kissed and it looked natural . I just add a couple of drops to my moisturiser and what’s best of all you don’t end up smelling like a wet dog like most fake tans out there !

    Hi Laura, thank you very much for sharing your 5* feedback with us. It is wonderful to hear how much you enjoy using the self-tan drops! These drops are hydrating and nourishing, and as you say they are so easy to add to face cream and do not go orange! Thank you for your feedback, Rian

    Deborah P.

    LOVE these tan drops, use them most days, 3-4 drops on with my moisturiser in the morning. Avoid eyebrows as advised as can get a little orangey round the edges, but wow other than that all good. Make sure to exfoliate gently also as advised. Remember to wash hands well. NO smell, really gentle, no flare ups or irritation - have very grumpy fair skin and slight rosacea, combination too so some bits very dry - but use with Lucy Bee moisturiser and no more problems. No foundation is the standard now! thanks you lovely lot! Debs

    Hi Deborah, thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us. It is wonderful to hear how much you enjoy using the self-tan drops, and that these have been suitable with your skin. We are so pleased that you are feeling more confident being makeup free. Thank you for your 5* review, Rian

    Charlotte W.

    I LOVE the tanning drops!!
    I have really fair skin, so I do not tan I burn. I use the 2-3 drops twice a week on my face, just add a little highlighter and mascara and off I go.
    I get some many compliments from people saying my skin looks amazing, have I been on holiday, your glowing.
    Thank you for creating such an amazing product.
    100% recommend and I have bought so many as gifts for my gals.

    Hi Charlotte, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful feedback with us all! We are blown away by your fantastic comments, thank you! We are so happy that you are enjoying our tanning drops, and their natural glow. And thank you for recommending, and gifting to your friends. Feedback like this means so much, thank you for your support. Rian