When will my order be delivered?

A:  We use DPD tracked service for all UK and ROI deliveries, and DHL for all other deliveries. Full details can be found here.


    Do you deliver to Northern Ireland, the Highlands and Islands?

    A: Yes we do. Please see here for full details.


    Do you ship to Armed Forces postcodes?

    A: Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Armed Forces addresses, due to restrictions made to us by the courier.


    Can I track my order?

    A: Yes you can. We will send you a tracking link for your parcel as do the courier.
    Please refer to this tracking link in the first instance for any queries regarding your delivery. 


    What happens to my delivery if I’m not in?

    A: The courier will message you about your delivery, and if you're not going to be in you can reply to their message to amend your delivery directly with them. Please note that DPD (UK and ROI) deliveries make one delivery attempt and if you are not in nor have given them delivery instructions, they will deliver to one of their pick up points. DHL (for delivery outside the UK) will make two delivery attempts.

    Please check emails and/or text messages for delivery details. If the courier returns the parcel to us, we reserve the right to retain your payment or part thereof to cover all costs incurred.


    Why do I have to give a mobile/cell phone number?

    A: A phone number lets us give you the best possible service by suppling you with text alerts about your delivery.


    How secure are my payment details?

    A: The Lucy Bee Website is certified secure. Your credit card details are not stored by Lucy Bee but by a secure payment system called Stripe. This payment system is certified PCI Service Provider level 1.

    If you want more information on stripe click here to visit their website.


    How much will delivery cost?

    Please see here for a full list of charges.                          


    Which courier company do you use?

    A: We use DPD for UK and ROI deliveries, and DHL for all other deliveries. The service with both couriers is a fully trackable delivery service.


    How do I return an item?

    A: Please see our returns page.


    What are your phone line opening times?

    A: Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (GMT/BST).


    Do I have to set up an account to place an order?

    A: No, you don’t have to open an account to make an order. Please select the guest option.


    How do I add a new address to my account?

    A: If you have an account and are logged in, click on the Account link at the top of the page. Next click on My Addresses and you’ll see the Add New Address button.


    Which payment methods do you accept?

    A: The store uses the Stripe payment system which accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


    How can I change my card details for payment?

    Before you complete your order, you have the option to Review your order and at this point, if you scroll to the payment section, there is text in blue which reads change. If you click on this, you then have the option to change the card that you want to use to pay with.

    Please be assured that  Lucy Bee does not store your card details, rather this information is stored by a secure payment system called Stripe. This payment system is certified PCI Service Provider level 1. You can read more on Stripe here.


    How do I get a refund?

    A: Contact us to arrange a refund. Please see our contact page.


    When will my payment be taken?

    A: Payments are taken when you order.


    How do I close my account?

    A: Please contact us.


    How do I change my email address?

    A: Click here for our Contact Page to get in touch and we can arrange this for you.

    How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

    If you'd like to no longer receive our newsletter and mailers, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on 'unsubscribe' at the foot of our mailers, and follow the directions. Alternatively, you can email us at hello@lucybee.com advising us that this is what you wish to do, and we can do this for you.


    Where can I find Lucy Bee recipes?

    A: Check out our online recipes here, or alternatively, we have two recipe books available for UK shipping only.


    Is your product packaging recyclable?

    A: Being as environmentally-friendly as possible is at the core of our values and we take pride in using packaging that can be recycled, such as our glass coconut oil jars. Please see product pages for individual packaging information.


    Can you explain the packaging used for shipping orders

    A: Please be assured that we aim to be as environmentally-friendly as possible in all that we do from sourcing organic, Fair Trade products to the packaging we use for these, including the packaging used for sending out orders from our online shop.

    For orders from our shop, we have a range of recyclable card box sizes and choose the size which best fits the items being sent out for an order (as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, as a small business it’s impossible to have bespoke sizes as no two orders are the same and sometimes one size is a little too small, whilst the next size is slightly too big!) and all items need to fit securely into the relevant box to avoid getting damaged in transit -  for this we always use recycled, recyclable brown paper or recyclable shredded paper to pad out the box and do not use plastic bubble wrap for this. The boxes are then secured with recyclable paper tape.

    We are very conscious of reducing waste and being eco-friendly, whilst making sure your order arrives in good condition.


    Are your products available in the shops?

    A: All of the Lucy Bee grocery products are available in UK supermarkets and independent health food shops. It’s best to phone your local supermarket or health shop if you are making a special journey, just to check if they have it in stock.

    Our skincare range is exclusive to our online shop and available for worldwide shipping.


    Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

    A: I’m afraid we don’t offer this option.


    I am visiting the UK and live outside the EU. Can I claim back the VAT?

    A: VAT is a UK government tax imposed on non-food products. In certain instances, visitors to the UK can claim this tax back but internet sales are not currently eligible for this unfortunately.


    What is your privacy policy?

    A: Please see our privacy policy here.


    I have a question about an ingredient, what should I do?

    A: The individual product page includes a list of ingredients and if you have any questions, please email us at hello@lucybee.com


    What Does 'Best Before' and 'Use By' mean and is there a difference?

    A: You may see on food products either a ‘Use By Date’ or a ‘Best Before Date’, but what’s the difference between them?

    Use By Dates on foods show when the food can be eaten until, after this it is not suitable for consumption as it could be unsafe to eat or drink as it may contain harmful bacteria. To extend the life of a product with a Use By Date you can freeze it, if it is suitable for freezing. The Use By Date is related to the food safety and should be taken note of - once passed, the food is not safe to eat.

    The Best Before Date does not follow this same rule. Best Before End (BBE), is about the quality of the product, not whether it is safe to consume. After the BBE, the food will still be safe to eat, and will not be harmful, but it may not be at its best quality, and flavour and texture may have changed over time. Most food after its BBE date is safe to eat and may still taste just as good. The Best Before Date is seen as more of a guideline than a recommendation, with even places like Tesco’s removing the BBE on most of its fresh fruit and vegetables. Once the product is opened, it is important to look at the instructions for usage since this overrides the BBE date.

    With both Best Before Date and Use By Date, the correct storage of a product is also important as this can affect the quality or the safety of the product, so always follow any instructions on the packaging. 

    In the UK, it is estimated that we waste around 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink, which most would have been fine to consume, but due to misinterpretation of the label the food has been discarded. It’s important to be aware of this when throwing away food which may have passed their Best Before but is still in fact safe and fine to eat.


    Why doesn’t the nutritional information provided for a product add up to 100g when I add together fat, protein and carbohydrates?

    The nutritional information doesn’t usually add to 100g for any product when just looking at fat, protein and carbohydrates. This is due to moisture (water) and ash (don’t worry this isn’t actually the ash that you might automatically think of, instead it is inorganic material like minerals) which are present in foods. This can include calcium, potassium, magnesium, or iron quantities within the food and are not always listed. 

    It is a requirement that the nutritional information is provided for fat, protein and carbohydrates but this is not the case for minerals. As a general guide, the nutritional information for minerals will usually be given when they are considered ‘a source of’ the relevant mineral.


    Is fish meal used as a fertiliser or pesticide in your organic coconut products?

    Our producer for our organic coconut products confirms, "We do not use fish meal. Also, our organic farms are pesticide & fertiliser free".


    Can I use more than 1 discount code at a time?

    As is usual with online shopping, only one discount code to be used at a time.


    Can I get a price adjustment or receive a retrospective offer on an item I’ve already purchased?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. From time to time we will adjust prices or run promotions, which will run for a certain period and with certain conditions. Only orders placed within that specific time period and which meet the required conditions of the offer are eligible.

    This is standard practice and we trust that you understand our position.


    Does the Fair Trade certification cover child labour?

    A: Winfried Fuchshofen PhD, Director Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance (FairTSA) confirms the following :

    "Child labour is prohibited by our standard and all authorised inspectors are specifically trained regarding child labour. Child labour, if detected, is a “killer” noncompliance and leads to immediate suspension or revocation of certification."


    Are monkeys used to pick the coconuts for your products?

    Absolutely not. Our coconut products are certified Fair Trade and part of this certification guarantees no animal cruelty. You can read more on this in our blog here.


    Does Fair Trade cost more?

    Lucy Bee pays a price premium for our products to be certified Fair Trade. We could buy the exact same product and it not be Fair Trade but we choose not to as we firmly believe in the values and ethics of Fair Trade and want to help improve the life of those who are producing our wonderful products.  

    Lucy visited the Philippines and was able to see first-hand how the Fair Trade premiums for our coconut products are used and how it makes a real difference to lives. You can read this here.

    The Fair Trade premium is paid on the factory price of the raw product.


    Answer not here?

    A: Give us a call, contact us online or email us, see our contact page for details.